Mar 2, 2019

Why Mobile Hips are Important

Immobile hips are one of the biggest problems people may develop as they age. Studies have shown that hip mobility is an indicator of longevity!

The reason? Our bodies thrive with dynamic movement, but wither without it. It is the reason so many seniors require canes, walkers or (eventually) wheelchairs.

The problem becomes evident when people start to experience discomfort or pain in the back or knees. If the hips can't move properly, the rest of the body will suffer.

I experienced this in my mid 40's. It is what prompted me to look for ways to change the way I trained, which led me to Mobility related work. By my early 50's I was moving much better but was still unable to comfortably sit in this 90/90 position.

at 53, I attended the FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) certification. The scientific principles used by this system were the "cherry on top" of all other mobility related work I had done. By applying these principles in a steady, progressive manner over an extended period of time I have made improvements I couldn't imagine.

Now, at the age of 58, I am exploring multiple ranges within my hips that I had started losing 30 years ago. My hips, along with the rest of my body, are feeling better than they have for as long as I can remember!

I am still making progress and strive to move even better in my mid 60's! Mobility, especially in the hips, gives one freedom of movement. And Movement is life!

Oct 25, 2018

Hip Mobility Carwl

Once individual hip mobility exercises have been "mastered", it's time to start flowing from one position to another.  Building dynamic mobility enhances athletic potential and stability in motion.

Aug 26, 2018

Health & Fitness Pyramid

How solid is your foundation? Making progress in your Health and Fitness goals will be thwarted if you are missing one (or more) of the building blocks.

No matter how hard you "work out", you cannot be truly "fit" without a healthy lifestyle and a mobile body!

Taking a step back and building a strong foundation will help you to reach the next level and increase your longevity in your sport or activities, as well as your physical and mental health.

Back to School

September is time to go "Back to School"! Spend the month sharpening your skills by focusing on the basics.

It is important, no matter how long you have been training, to periodically take a step back and look at your foundation. Are there cracks in it? Can you build it stronger?

Take the time in September to slow things down. Focus on refining your skills. Find the cracks and repair them. Build a stronger foundation and you can build a bigger house!

If you maintain a "beginner's mind", and are diligent in your practice, you will be rewarded down the road.